My Translations


Translating is one of my main hobbies. My native language is Russian. I mainly translate from English and German. I’d love to learn more languages: Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian and Spanish.

Here is the complete list of my works:


● Various interviews with following bands/artists: Circus Of Dead Squirrels, System Of A Down, At The Drive-In, The Mars Volta, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Solefald, Sturmgeist. (200? — present; published on social networks, themarsvolta.ru, soad.msk.ru and here)

The Dark Mod Fan-missions (2014 — 2018; 100+ and counting, published officially as part of the mod itself (partially) + fully available at DarkFate.org)

Tormentum — Dark Sorrow (2016, official, REDACTION ONLY)

We Happy Few (2016, non-official, notabenoid-only, not published)

Concrete Jungle (2016, official, published on Steam)

I also participated in LocJam 4 in 2017. All jurors have chosen me as best amateur translator.


● Wolfdietrich Schnurre — «Das Begräbnis» (2014, personal works, unpublished)

● Wolfgang Borchert — «Das Brot» (2014, personal works, unpublished)